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What we do

We specialise in doors and window manufacturing here in Pemba, Mozambique

Doors manufacture

Portcent Limitada has a massive selection of exterior and interior doors for you to choose from. We believe that doors are a part of the permanent features to any building/construction structure and should last forever

Windows Manufacturing

As a complimentary part to perfecting any project we design, manufacture and install windows that match the level of expertise from our doors.At Portcent Limitada we encourage you to choose quality, aesthetics and practicality as your perfect combination.

Fittings and Cabinets

We supply and install wood ceilings, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, curtain railings, bathroom cabinets, picture frames and any other wood fittings or office partitioning.

Wood Pallets and Crates

We supply 2 basic types of pallets (2-way and 4-way entry pallets). A 2-Way design means that a forklift is able to enter and lift the load from 2 sides. We also make customized crates for shipping and logistics

Construction Timber

We supply different sizes of pine and eucalyptus timber for construction. We can also make customized hardwood strips, boards and planks of different sizes for various construction projects.

What our clients say

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Someone famous in Source Title


Someone famous in Source Title

About Us

Portcent Limitada is a door manufacturing company based in Pemba, Mozambique. Our production workshop is at Avenida 16 de Junho, Ingonane, Pemba. We specialize in solid hardwood doors mostly local Chamfuta and Umbila.


Portcent, Limitada Workshop.
16 de Junho, Ingonane
Pemba, Mozambique
P: (+258) 84 725 8525